Self Awareness Solutions

Once you've accepted your flaws, no-one can use them against you.

Coaching Options

To illustrate the varying options when Self Awareness focused life coaching can support personal development, I’ve suggested three different arenas.

For the Self

It’s personal!

This work considers how we look after our own sense of self, our identity. This develops to consider the effect our emotional profile has on our choices and decisions.

I offer one to one sessions for personal development and enhanced professional achievement. The aim being to inspire through fresh insights.

Workshops for Business

Workshops for businesses include development in: individual and team motivation, confidence and leadership skills,  communication between colleagues, customers and staff.

Smaller companies and sole traders can grow more effectively after developing a greater understanding of their wider business environment, in particular their customers and competitors.

Social Coaching

Here the focus is with our relationships with others. For instance as parents to our children, or within the  family (partner/parent/siblings etc) or our closer friends and colleagues.

The aim is to enhance the ability to stay constructive and positive with those most significant others. They, through our relatedness to them, have the potential to give us the most upset or joy in our lives!

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