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Coaching in a Social Context

Humans are herd creatures but we also have a particular need for private space to reflect, rest and heal. We’re born into a social context and, in order to survive, we have to follow our ‘leaders’ in our early years. That script, once we’re adults, will very likely need to change!

Following your leader...

Following your leader…

Nevertheless in order to enjoy life, and living, we still have to get along with others.

Whether connected for a lifetime or a twenty minute meeting, it’s crucial to make the most of the relationship.

If not then, sooner or later, life will become tougher and we will miss out on the support and reassurance that can be provided by confidantes and intimates.

Issues around loneliness, assertiveness/passivity, anger, jealousy, shame and pride all provide clues that Social Coaching could offer solutions to relating successfully to the ‘others’ in our life.

Below are some pretty normal examples of areas where Social Coaching can enhance our well-being in the world.

  • Self-Empowerment / Assertiveness
  • Parenting Issues
  • Relationship Conflicts /Couples Coaching
  • Sexual Expression/Intimacy
  • Career Changes/Life Transitions
  • Depression / Anxiety / Anger
  • Grief / Loss / Trauma


Social coaching sessions are charged on a bespoke basis, depending on the needs of the client based on session length, number of sessions contracted, location of work base and the material to be considered.

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