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Winter 2014/15

MIXED FEELINGS: A series of workshops designed to help individuals appreciate how their feelings impact on how they succeed in getting their needs met.  The workshops will consider various aspects from a variety of contexts.

The workshops will focus on a single theme and the topics will include:

  • Self-esteem, Self belief:  Being confident in the world. Whether in business or everyday life.
  • Effective Communication: How to be heard and how to listen. This workshop is subdivided for business/commercial impact, and also personal relationships.
  • Stress: Considering how to avoid and relieve a number of significant aspects of feeling the symptoms around stress, including tension, anxiety and panic.
  • Balancing our life: Work/life balance, harmony meeting challenging relational conflicts; “You can’t please all the people all of the time.”  Or can you?
  • Working to your strengths: Taking stock of how we can make the most of what we are best at and accommodate our weaknesses so we’re not undermined by them.
  • Shame: The invisible enemy to our success and contentment with life

The venue will be in Surrey, located in either Guildford,Kingston or Epsom areas.

ASSERTIVENESS, December 2014

An emotional work-out with our senses of self, others and our place of business, focusing on getting what you want without having to be pushy!

  • Become confident and more in control of situations
  • Gain deeper respect from others
  • Avoiding crossing the line between being assertive and being argumentative
  • Learn how to state your opinion without being rude
  • How to part-take in a difficult discussion without getting too emotional 
  • Choose whether, and how, to escalate a confrontational situation on your terms

 The workshop is for you if you think you could benefit from…

  • becoming more confident in handling difficult, stressful situation in daily life and at work
  • improving assertiveness and communication skills without appearing aggressive
  • developing your management and leadership skills by being assertive without appearing aggressive
  • appreciating how to manage and use your empowered energy to get your needs met (be angry effectively!) 


Benefits gained by participating in this workshop:

  • Being more confident amongst friends, family and colleagues.
  • Discover more effective ways to connect with people
  • Develop a stronger faith in your opinions
  • Learn how to more effectively express your opinions 

The workshop is for you if you think you could benefit from…

  • Improving your effectiveness in getting your needs met


The workshops will be a minimum of three hours, but no longer than six, with rest breaks according to length.  Generally start times will be from 1000am with ending no later than 430pm.

Numbers will be limited to ten candidates enabling full participation in what is usually an experiential context.

Light refreshments will be available to candidates.

Certificates of participation will be provided on request.

Coming in 2015: 

Humour: Breaking the Barriers of Shame and Taboo.

In order to relate well and get what we want from others, it’s vital to be at ease.  Throughout history, humour and comedy have been used to reduce tensions.

We’ll take a closer look at the power of humour, and the obstacle of shame, both at home and in the workplace.

How To Love Your Children Whilst Providing Effective Parenting

Parenting has never been more complex and there are any number of ideas on how to be a good parent.

We take a closer look at some of the key factors that establish genuinely good relationships between parents and their children.

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