Self Awareness Solutions

You see a mousetrap; I see free cheese and a f*cking challenge!

Everyday Challenges

These challenges tend to chip away at our confidence and become disabling rather than enabling. Often, over time, they may overwhelm us. Through developing Self Awareness, we can find enabling solutions by:


Make the most of your unique skills

  • Making the most of our unique skills
  • Considering solutions to current and ongoing dilemmas
  • Reviewing and reconsidering the management of the reoccurring impact
  • Developing ‘hazard awareness.’ A personal mapping, for future decisions
  • Tracking what/who influences the individual’s decision-making process
  • Seeing the Bigger Picture!
  • Maintaining ongoing personal development, promoting self awareness

Common everyday challenges

  • Dealing with your boss and/or colleagues
  • Learning to use new technology and methodology
  • Not being treated with the respect you feel you deserve
  • Preparing for a test: driving, interview, exam, appraisal, presentation, business meeting
  • Parenting your children, and/or being the child of your own parents!
  • Finding the common language with different generations or different cultures
  • Being single, being part of a couple.
  • How to retain self esteem especially in times of stress and tension
  • Fear of change or failure
  • Phobias/Anxiety/Stress

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